Our Services

Educade develop digital education resources for young and adult learners. We bring together high-quality design, strong User-Experience, and integrate learner analytics to create effective e-learning resources.

Our e-learning resources are designed to enhance existing programmes of learning to help educators, organisations and local authority groups to update their methods whilst keeping the best of their current packages.

We offer both off-the-shelf products and bespoke resources.

Flexible Resource Design

Mobile Learning

Our educational tasks and activities have the flexibility to be used on a broad spectrum of platforms, including web, mobile, whiteboard and DVD.

Resources can be designed for use inside or outside the classroom or learning environment. Inside the classroom packages of activities can engage the whole class, and can be tailored to meet the different learning speeds of individual learners. Or resources can be integrated into an online environment, such as a website or mobile device application.

Our frameworks allow resources, games and tests to be modularised, so that different elements can be added or removed without the need for extra development.

Using different coding techniques, we can allow full communication between E-learning modules and databases, enabling complex scoring systems.

Integrated Learner Analytics

Online resources

We believe that learner analytics are an important element of every learning experience and so each resource we provide can include a range of analytic tools.

Learner Analytics involves gathering, analysing and reporting on data about learners, so that teachers and students alike can assess their levels of engagement, performance and progress.

In response learning can be personalised. Teachers can modify lessons according to results and support students requiring extra attention.

Resources can be fine-tuned to provide personalised student learning.

For a more in depth discussion about learner analytics see Learner Analytics: Overview and Benefits

What makes us different?

Backed by a team of experienced web developers and designers we have a history of developing educational resources, including activities in Maths, Science, English, Safety and Corporate Training. We have worked with leading educational publishers, including Scholastic and Nimbus as well as a number of Local Authorities. We develop strong, lasting relationships with our clients.

We understand that school children and adult learners are asked to digest lots of information, and the advent of the digital age makes this even more prevalent. With many publically funded groups being asked to deliver a range of education programmes on lower budgets, our products are designed to meet the demands of this challenging environment. By harnessing the potential of the web, our resources are designed to deliver engaging programmes of child and adult learning.

We believe in life long learning and understand that learning takes place in a range of situations. We also value creativity in learning and so build resources that encourage exploration and divergent thinking.