Our Team

Educade Founders

Laura is the lead design consultant at Educade. Before joining Educade she worked with the education consultancy firm CCDU Ltd and Carnegie Leaders in Learning Partnership. After which Laura, a Fine Art graduate, returned to her artistic roots as a illustrator and graphic designer.
She believes in the importance of creativity in learning, and has a talent for seeing beyond the conventional habits of e-learning provision. She is the visual director for Educade.
Andy is the technical core of Educade. He honed his skills as a e-learning developer for Scholastic Ltd, the world’s largest publisher and distributor of children’s books. As both a design consultant and a hands-on technical developer, Andy has been a part of a huge range of e-learning projects and has worked across the full subject range from mathematics to geography to personal safety.
Conversant in all the core programming languages in use across with web today, Andy is the technical director for Educade.


With his wide ranging skills from web programming to design and illustration, Chris is our lead project manager. Chris uses his talents in user experience to enhance our projects, making him well-placed to take an overview of projects and help direct them towards a successful launch. With an academic background in mathematics, philosophy and art history, Chris takes a keen interest the future of education.

About the Educade team

The Educade Team is made up of a talented group of developers and designers enthusiastic to expand their knowledge and the knowledge of others. Our e-learning development skills are supported by a broad range of outside interests. Between us we can boast artists, writers and musicians. We all love to travel, to experience new cultures, and regard learning as a life-long pursuit.